Intervention X-Ray apron with a partially overlapping front side. The wide and in height adjustable comfort belt ensures an optimal weight distribution and support of the lower back.

Product features:

  • Covered in our antibacterial Pureproteq® material
  • Soft cushion pads on the shoulder
  • Wide and in height adjustable comfort belt
  • Split on the bottom part of the apron
  • 10cm shorter back side
  • Click closures on the upper and bottom side
  • Registration number

Colour possibilities:

* The colours illustrated above are approximate, may differ in reality and are subject to change without notice.


  • Lead equivalency front part: 0.25mm Pb, two-sided overlap: 0.5mm Pb
  • Lead equivalency front part: 0.35mm Pb, two-sided overlap: 0.7mm Pb
  • Lead equivalency back part: 0.25mm Pb or 0.35mm Pb
  • Embroidery of name, department or logo on breast pocket
  • Breast pocket

Do you want a custom made apron? Our product specialists are more than willing to help you.