CT radiation protection

The eyes and thyroid are the most sensitive organs for x-ray radiation.

Semi – circular eye, chest and thyroid protection can give a reduction up to 60% of the surface dose. These protection is recommended for all patients who undergo a CT.

Eye protection

Protecting the eye lenses is highly recommended by skull and facial CT treatments. The CT Bismuth eye protector is folded over the nose, so that the shield can be positioned directly on the eyelids of the patient.

Chest protection

The chest CT Bismuth protection consists of two large wings (one for each chest side). Each wing can be adjusted individually to the shape of the upper body. In addition to the chest protection for adults, MDT provides adequate protection for new-borns , 1 – , 5 – and 10 – year-old children.

Thyroid protection

The thyroid protection can be positioned directly on the Adam’s apple. The adhesive material on the back ensures a fixed position, even during breathing and swallowing reflexes.

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