Apron storage racks

Wall Mounted Rack

Suitable for Front, Coat or Vest & Kilt Measurements: W: 68cm D: 22cm H: 32cm

Multiform Apron Wall Console

These wall mounted storage racks have shoulder shaped arms that fan out 180 degrees for easy access. The design of the rack and position of the heavy duty arms enables them to remain flush with the wall even when fully loaded. The left turning version and right turning version can be mounted adjacent to each other to provide storage for up to 10 aprons.

MAW-5 L or R: W: 76cm D: 78cm H: 60cm ( 5-arms)
MAW-5 L and R: W: 52cm D: 78cm H: 60cm (10-arms)

maw 5-10 productfoto


The MDT hanger is made of galvanized aluminum and is particularly suitable for hanging a personal apron, like a Front, Coat or Vest & Kilt.

Mobile Swivel Arm Apron carrier

This rack can be positioned at any convenient location and moves as required. Ideal for departments with limited wall space or where the wall construction does not allow mounted apron racks. Exceptional access allows aprons to be selected, removed and replaced with ease. Shoulder shaped pivoting arms prolong the life of expensive aprons. The compact and solid design guarantees the simple selection and hanging of aprons and Vest&Kilt. Rack available with 5-swivel arms or with 10-swivel arms.

MAR-M5 W: 69cm D: 60cm H: 155cm (5-arms)
MAR-M10 W: 96cm D: 60cm H: 155cm (10-arms)

The mobile apron rack can be equipped with an extendable system TRACK-5/10 to storage thyroid protectors. The TRACK-5/10 is optional.

Track-5/10 W: 69-96cm (extendable) H: 27cm
Suitable for MAR-M5 or MAR-M10.

MAR m5 m10 Kapstok + track