MDT is one of Europe’s most innovative and experienced developers of X-ray protection materials for more than 33 years. MDT manufactures and distributes a full line of radiation shielding products throughout Europe. They include X-ray aprons, leadglasses, thyroid shields and many other X-ray products.

MDT creates innovative products and services that promote a healthier, more sustainable, enjoyable and efficient way of working. Our products reflect our continuous drive to improve and simply prove that MDT is constantly pushing back the frontiers of science, with high-quality and innovative products, tested quality, fashionable colours and high functionality. Many people rely on the protection our products provide every day and we are aware of the great responsibility this entails.

MDT has designed and created Pureproteq® in its entirety, based on its experience of the sector. This new Pureproteq® material enhances our high qualitative standards and is manufactured in The Netherlands using the best materials on the market.

In order to reduce the weight of our aprons we offer super light lead composite material. This material has an average weight of 3kg/m2. The weight is based on a lead equivalent value of 0.25mm Leq.