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Personal advice

Our product specialists will be happy to visit you for advice, information and/or tailor-made solutions. During a visit, you can try on our extensive collection of lead aprons and experience the advantages of our products for yourself. Feel free to make an appointment!

MDT X-RAY Control Tags®

Last year, many hospitals preceded you in introducing this unique control project for lead aprons. The Tags® make it possible to visualise your periodic check-up on every lead apron. All lead aprons already present at your hospital can be performed with them. The new lead aprons to be supplied by MDT will be fitted with this novelty. Our product specialists will be happy to tell you more.

Registration numbers

To optimise your lead apron registration, MDT can apply a unique registration number to the lead apron in consultation with you. This number makes the lead apron recognisable during periodic inspections and makes it easy to keep a control log.

Repair service

MDT offers a repair service for your lead aprons. All repairs are carried out in our own sewing workshop and returned within 48 hours. Please enquire about the terms and conditions.

Lead aprons recycling programme “MDT GOES GREEN”

To preserve the world around us and its existing resources for future generations, MDT offers a recycling programme for your old lead aprons. Please contact us for more information.
We will be happy to tell you more about this eco-friendly and cost-saving programme.

As a professional, you are an experience expert of our products. We would like to hear your opinions, improvements and new ideas!