MDT X-RAY continuously innovates to translate your needs into tangible solutions!

Personal advice

Our product specialists will visit you for advice, detailed information and / or customized solutions. During a visit you can try our extensive collection of X-ray aprons. In this way you will experience the advantages of our products yourself. Please, do not hesitate to make an appointment!

Registration numbers

To make the registration of your X-ray aprons much easier, MDT can fit a unique registration number on the lead apron. The X-ray apron will be identifiable during the periodic check-up due to this number. An easy check-up log can be kept.

Repair service

MDT offers a repair service for your X-ray aprons. All repairs are done in our own sewing workshop and returned as soon as possible. Ask for the terms.

Recycle program for X-ray Aprons “MDT GOES GREEN”

To maintain the world around us and its existing resources for future generations MDT offers a free recycling program for your old X-ray aprons. For more information please contact us, we will tell you more about this eco-friendly and cost-saving program.

As a professional, you are an expert in experiencing our products. We would like to hear your opinion, improvements and / or new ideas.