The Front Closure Vest can be worn in combination with the Kilt. The front is equipped with 0.35mm Leq as standard, making full overlap no longer necessary (see CE Directive 61331-3). The vest closes with Velcro by means of a narrow overlap at the front.

Ergonomics is the primary focus of this FC Vest. Besides the weight reduction of 30% at the front versus a regular Vest, the FC Vest also features a wide, height-adjustable comfort belt, which provides optimal support for the lower back. The FC Vest in combination with the Kilt guarantees agility, flexibility and maximum weight distribution between shoulder and hip.


  • Chest pocket
  • Soft shoulder padding
  • Wide adjustable comfort belt
  • Ergonomic design with front Velcro closure
  • RFID


  • Front FC Vest available in:
    0.35mm Leq -> overlap 0.7mm Leq
    0.5mm Leq -> overlap 1.0mm Leq
  • Back side 0.25mm Leq or 0.35mm Leq
  • Made-to-measure on request
  • Choice of colours: 11 different colours
  • Embroidery of your choice
  • Loop dosimeter
  • TAG® control system